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The Parkway

Minnehaha Parkway is the second major route along the Twin Cities Marathon Course. Starting at Lake Harriet, the Parkway follows Minnehaha Creek meandering through South Minneapolis until it joins Lake Nokomis. From there, the route takes you further east until you reach Minnehaha Park, the start of the Mississippi River Road.

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Parkway Map

4.1 miles from Lake Harriet to Lake Nokomis -- One Way

(+2.7 miles if you loop Lake Nokomis)
(+1.5 miles from Lake Nokomis to Minnehaha Park)
Water: Several water pumps along the way.
Recommended Start Point: East End of Lake Harriet.
Parking: Free and plentiful on nearby streets.
Diversions: The spectacular homes lining the Parkway

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