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The Lakes

Well, what would the Land of 10,000 Lakes be without the best lake running in the country? Three city lakes form a dynamic recreational area in the heart of Minneapolis. Each lake has its own character. And taken together The Lakes create the first leg of the Twin Cities Marathon Course.

At the top of the chain, Lake of the Isles is the smallest and quietest of the three. Lake Calhoun is the largest and great for people watching. Lake Harriet feels more residential and where you may need to dodge a baby stroller or two. At the bottom of the chain you can connect up to The Minnehaha Parkway.

The Lakes are the best winter paths to run as they are plowed and kept open.

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The Lakes Map

The Grand Tour - 10 Miles - (Isles, Harriet, Calhoun, complete loops)

6.5 Miles - (Isles - Calhoun)
6.8 Miles - (Calhoun - Harriet)
Water: Several water pumps along the way.
Recommended Start Point: It doesn't really matter.
Parking: Paid parking in certain lots adjoining the Lakes. But free and plentiful parking on nearby streets.
Diversions: Cedar Lake. Access from Lake of the Isles, the paths around Cedar Lake are only paved 3/4 of the way. But find the dirt paths on the North end and you'll feel like you've left the City.

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