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Boom Island Park

Ok, so you're downtown and you want to know where to run. The answer in the Twin Cities is always: Head for the Water. In this case you're best option is Boom Island, a newly developed park on the Mississippi. But don't just go there, meander around a bit. Start in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis, head east down Second Avenue North until First Street. Take a left, then a right at Fourth Avenue North. Keep going until you hit the river trails. Head North enjoying the parkway, then crossover the Plymouth Avenue Bridge. You have arrived at Boom Island. Run the trails through Boom, cross-over a bridge and run along dirt trails until you'll hit the paved road. Soon you'll be near Riverplace. Cross the copper steel bridge to Riverplace, take a right and head along the Heritage Trail toward St. Anthony Main. Go all the way down the trail until you run into the Stone Arch Bridge which spans the river and parallels St. Anthony Falls. Take the bridge and continue down the path until you've completed the loop. Head back up Fourth Avenue and into the Warehouse District. And if you're already lost by these instructions don't worry about it! Anywhere you run is Magnificent!
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Boom Island Map

Loop is approximately 7 miles.
Cut it in half by taking the Hennepin Avenue Suspension Bridge back over to downtown.
Water: Plentiful from various fountains along the way.
Recommended Start Point: Warehouse District in Downtown Minneapolis. The Target Center makes for an ideal start point.
Parking: At meters on street or in ramps.
Diversions: Stop and walk around Nicollet Island. See the Inn and the paths that overlook St. Anthony Falls.

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