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Eloise Butler

Hills, hills, and more hills. If you want power training, Eloise Butler is as good as a roller coaster ride. Located within Theodore Wirth Park in North Minneapolis, Eloise Butler Sanctuary is another wooded, urban retreat, only 5 minutes from downtown. In fact, it's very easy to access from the Corridor or from Cedar Lake. Set your watch for a timed run and get lost. Some of the trails are paved, but most are dirt. Careful, this is a favorite area of mountain bikers with the hilly terrain. How hilly is it? Well, one of the hills is nicknamed "K2."
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Varies. Easily 5 miles of paved and dirt trails within Eloise and Theodore Wirth Park

Water: Plentiful from 3 - 4 pumps in park.
Recommended Start Point: From parking lot at Eloise Butler Sanctuary, immediately off of Theodore Wirth Parkway and Hwy 394.
Parking: In parking lot.
Diversions: Break out of Eloise Butler and run to the Theodore Wirth Golf Course. Then, for a real long run, keep going. The parkway extends for miles from North Minneapolis to Fridley (about 10 more miles).

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