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Summit Avenue

Stately Summit Avenue stretches from the Mississippi River to Downtown St. Paul. This is the final leg of the Twin Cities Marathon Course.

If you're into a speed workout, head to Summit. The stoplights along the Avenue are exactly one-half mile apart, making interval work easy. It's also a great way to see some nice homes in St. Paul, including the Governor's Mansion. Just beyond you'll find the Cathedral and the State Capitol at the bottom of the hill. For Twin Cities Marathon runners, this is the finish line.

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Summit Map

About 4.5 miles one way (from St. Thomas to the Cathedral)

Water: A little hard to find. Leave a bottle at your car.
Recommended Start Point: Anywhere along the Avenue.
Parking: On the street.
Diversions: Try running back along Grand Avenue, which parallels Summit. A bit more crowded with lots of retail, this is where you'll find a good cup of coffee.

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