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Flour Mill Loop

Road construction on the west side of the Mississippi River near Downtown Minneapolis has created a scenic route complete with paved biking and running paths.  Actually, this new route is an extension of the River Road system which now links together the downtown river area with the West campus of the University of Minnesota area.

Starting at the Hyatt Whitney Hotel, run south along West River Parkway with the old flour mills on your right.  You'll soon pass under the Washington Avenue bridge.  Continue by Riverside park and head up the hill.  Go over the Franklin Avenue Bridge and head back up the river along the River Road.  After the Washington Avenue Bridge keep going until you hit University Ave.  Continue along University until 6th Avenue.  Hang a left and you'll descend toward the riverbank.   Take the Stone Arch Bridge back to the Whitney Hotel area. 

The newest running route in Minneapolis, in one of the oldest areas in the city.

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Stone Arch Bridge to Washington Bridge: 3 miles roundtrip.

Stone Arch Bridge to Franklin Bridge: Approximately 5.25 miles round trip

Water: A few pumps on the West side of the river.   Scarce on the East side. 
Recommended Start Point: Downtown Minneapolis, near the Whitney Hotel.  
Parking: On the street near the Whitney Hotel, or the Lock area under the Stone Arch Bridge. 
Diversions:  For a short cut, and a better route, run along the railway bed straight into the Pillsbury mill area on the East side of the River.  Accessing the railway bed is a bit tricky.  Find the service roads and pathways from the U of M buildings near the intersection of University Avenue and the River Road. 
Of Note: The Flour Mill loop links two other running routes together.  Add on to the loop with the Boom Island route, or the River Road route to the South.  For bikers, The Flour Mill loop allows for a day's ride around the most scenic greenway anywhere.  Starting at Downtown Minneapolis, take the Boom Island route to the Corridor, to The Lakes, to Minnehaha Parkway, to the River Road, to the Flour Mill road and back to your starting point.

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